Bizarro overload

I’ve been on a crazy reading spree the last couple days. Due to issues with my iBook (mainly involving it dying), I got a new laptop. The people at Acer really know how to make a monitor, and this thing is really nice for reading ebooks. I don’t know why, but it’s really easy on the eyes for long periods of reading.

Because of this, I’ve zipped through two and a half ebooks since yesterday afternoon. I read Andersen Prunty’s flash fiction collection THE OVERWHELMING URGE, Jordan Krall’s PIECEMEAL JUNE, and started Carlton Mellick III’s THE HAUNTED VAGINA, which I’ll likely finish over the next hour or so.

Speaking of Andersen Prunty, I went to his bookreading with Patrick Wensink last Friday. It was a lot of fun. I highly recommend all of Andersen’s books, plus Patrick Wensink’s SEX DUNGEON FOR SALE! It’s a short story collection, one of which is available free on his website. I guarantee, it’s at least twice as funny as the title.

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