A LIFE ON FIRE Pre-orders! Yay!

It seems fitting (and a little douchey) that my first blog post in like four months finds me asking for money. However, should you decide to give me money, you will get something in return for it. My book A LIFE ON FIRE is now up for pre-order.

Why should you pre-order?

If you order between now and April 30, I will include cool freebies. What type of freebies? I’m not sure yet. However, I assure you they will be cool. Also, if you’d like it autographed or doodled-in, I’m more than happy to do that, too.

Not enough incentive? The first few pre-orders will get an exclusive flash-fiction story written in those weird blank pages at the end of the book. Length of the stories will vary, but the only place each story will exist is in that particular copy of the book.

So, if any of that sounds like it’s worth plunking down some money, feel free to send me $8.00 ($7.95 for the book, plus a 5-cent handling fee. If you’re outside the continental US, add $8. I’ll email you the ebook and other digital goodies to help offset the cost.) via paypal at chrisbowsman@gmail.com.

If you’re impatient like me and would like to read right away, mention in the paypal comment section that you’d like to read the book right away and I’ll send you a pdf.

For all you ebook readers out there who don’t want a print copy, the Kindle version will be released the same time as the paperback, and will be priced at $2.99, because I think $10 for an ebook is bullshit.


4 Responses to “A LIFE ON FIRE Pre-orders! Yay!”

  1. […] A Life On Fire Chris Bowsman Grindhouse Press #006 Trade Paperback 116 Pages $7.95 USD ISBN: 0982628196 Approximate release date: May 2, 2011 Pre-order signed copies from the author HERE […]

  2. I’m so all over this…

  3. Two questions:
    What’s the book about?
    And how much are preorders for international shipping?

  4. Congratulations! Sounds fantastic.

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