James Melzer Interview

What type of computer do you use?

I use a MacBook. It’s not a Pro, unfortunately. I bought mine about a month before they came out with the $1300 Pro, without knowing they were doing so. Bastards! It works great though and I wouldn’t go back to a PC if you paid me.

Do/have you ever gone by Jim, or is it always James?

I have always gone by James. I don’t know how the hell Jim is the short form for James. It’s ridiculous.

What, in your opinion, are the best and worst zombie moments in history?

Best moment: When Romero made Dawn of the Dead. The single greatest zombie movie in history. Worst moment: When the US elected a zombie for a 2nd term. Imagine, a zombie with the name ‘Bush.’ What gives?

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I hate it when people don’t rinse their dishes before putting them in the sink, then when you go to wash them there’s all this gunk stuck to them. Fucking annoys the hell out of me.

One of my favorite scenes in Kevin Smith’s Clerks is when Randall and Dante are lamenting their experiences with annoying customers. Given your profession, I’m sure you can empathize. What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever been asked by a customer (aside from “Do you have that one movie, with that one guy, where they did that one thing?”) ?

We have these little cards with the picture of the movie on them on the New Release wall, so when a movie is all rented out, the shelf won’t be completely empty. I once had a customer pick up this little cardboard card, shake it, and ask me if the movie was in there. Idiot.

The zombie apocalypse is upon us: What’s your weapon of choice?

Oh man, that’s a tough one. One weapon? Aside from the shotgun slung over my back, I’d have to say an axe. Custom job, with a pointed handle so I can use other ends.

You can snap your fingers and make one movie (or series of movies) spontaneously combust, never to be heard from again. Which will it be?

Halloween 3. Fucking thing didn’t even have Michael Myers in it. What’s up with that?

What is your favorite movie/ book/ podcast novel/ ice cream flavor?

Book: Swan Song by Robert McCammon

Movie: Braveheart

Podcast Novel: Brave Men Run by Matthew Wayne Selznick

Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate

Do you have any writing superstitions?

No. I just sit down and write.

Since you started writing The Zombie Chronicles, what has been the most exciting thing that’s happened to you?

Having Permuted Press pay for me to attend Horror Realm in Pittsburgh. It was my first ever convention, not just as an author but as a fan. I was on the authors panel with Jonathan Maberry and that was the biggest thrill so far. He’s good people.

What do you have going on that people should know about?

I’m about to start podcasting the second book in the series, Invasion, on my website, http://www.jamesmelzer.net. I am also working on some stuff for the comic book industry and film industry that I hope to get off the ground by mid 2010. I recently got engaged to Jennifer Hudock as well, so I’m busy planning a wedding, too. There’s always lots on my plate.


3 Responses to “James Melzer Interview”

  1. 🙂 What a great interview. I’m not biased either. These were great questions, Chris. I also now know that rinsing my dishes before putting them in the sink is a MUST. Which I usually do anyway, because there’s nothing worse than superglu consistency gunk when you’re trying to wash the dishes.

  2. Thanks for the interview, Chris. Great questions, and I had lots of fun doing it. YOU ROCK!

  3. I love it!

    Great interview, Chris. I particularly like that you decided to dodge a lot of normal questions and focus on more life-specific things, especially since we don’t get to know a whole lot about our writers.

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