Jennifer Hudock Interview

What type of computer do you use?

I have a stone age Dell Dimension 4500S. It’s been through two hard drive replacements, and sometimes sputters when I tell it I love it.

Do you prefer the term “author” or “writer”, and when did you first consider yourself that?

I think both terms are equally applicable to the work I do. Because I freelance, that is the writer in me. My fiction and creative nonfiction is the author in me. As a Gemini everything is duality with me, so I like both terms. I started to consider myself a writer when I was about 16, but didn’t really consider myself an author until I was 27.

What is your favorite: author, food, podcast novel, non-sci fi tv show?

My favorite author is Jonathan Carroll.

Favorite food is taco salad.

There are so many fantastic podcast novels, and even if it seems biased, my favorite one is still the very first podcast novel I ever listened. My fiance, James Melzer’s TZC: Escape.

Favorite non-sci fi tv show: Hands down, Top Chef.

What makes you SQUEE?

I get very excited over the little things the most. An upbeat email, good conversation, a great cup of coffee.

It’s Christmas, and Sci Fi Santa slides down the chimney. He offers you your choice of two gifts: Lightsaber (blade color of your choice) or a Sonic Screwdriver. Which do you pick?

Sonic Screwdriver. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

What’s Melzer gonna have to do to get his shark tank?

He’s gonna have to work really hard to convince me that little sharks are perfectly harmless. It’s gonna take a lot of convincing, considering sharks are at the top of my list of irrational fears.

Which poem do you wish you had written?

I Do Not Love You” by Pablo Neruda

You’re a positive, upbeat type of person. That said, what’s the most god-awful piece of shit song you’ve ever heard?

The Macarena”

What is your take on the end of Battlestar Galactica?

I didn’t want to see the series end, but I think the writers did a great job tying up loose ends. There were so many questions, and many of them were left open-ended, which is a good thing because fans will be talking about it for years to come. One of my favorite unravelings was Bill Adama’s character. Edward James Olmos is one of my favorite actors, and he portrayed Adama so well. As he started to lose touch with hope in the last few episodes, it was such a dramatic twist that I really didn’t know what would come of him. I guess we’ll never know, but I like to think he spent his final days building that cabin for Laura by the lake.

What is your most unusual source of inspiration?

Weird objects on the roadside. I’ve found inspiration in everything from baby buggy wheels and headless dolls to random shoes and tattered underwear. The world is a weird place!

What do you have in the works that people should know about?

Right now I am podcasting my dark fantasy novel, Goblin Market on my personal website, and working on an upcoming horror novel called “Running Down the Moon.” Since I’ve still got about 17 episodes of Goblin Market to go, I haven’t decided yet if I want to podcast Running Down the Moon.

I also do two weekly blogs, one called This Week in Awesome, in which I share a variety of excellence found all over the net, and a second called She’s Write About That. She’s Write About That is a weekly writing blog I share with fellow author, podcaster and friend Michele Bekemeyer. Every Sunday evening, we each share our take on a topic and link to the other’s blog for a dual look at a variety of topics.


One Response to “Jennifer Hudock Interview”

  1. Thanks for including me in your new blog, Chris. I had a lot of fun answering your questions, and look forward to the other authors and podcasters you plan to interview.

    Update: Melzer won the shark toss… but I’m getting a pig. 😀

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