Jeremy C. Shipp Interview

What type of computer do you use?

I use a computer made of titanium sporks, a Teddy Ruxpin brain, and the exoskeleton of a coconut monkey shaman. Or, perhaps I use an old Compaq Presario.

Is there a certain time of day that you find more conducive to writing?

I love writing late at night, when the bats are singing and the yard gnomes are snoring. The middle of the night is when I’m at my most creative and open and weird.

Assuming money was no object, where is your ideal vacation spot?

I’ve always wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands.  I love natural beauty and animals and places that start with G.  I’d also like to visit Japan someday.  Maybe stay in a small fishing village, visit a few Shinto shrines.

If you woke up tomorrow to find you were elected president, what would be your first order of business?

This is a difficult question for me, because I’m an anarcho-tribalist. But, in that situation, I would probably do everything in my power to aid in global nuclear disarmament.

When did you choose to become Vegan, and is it a difficult lifestyle to maintain?

I first became vegan in January of 2007. At first, the lifestyle was a bit difficult. I didn’t know what I could eat. Also, my wife and I are the only vegans in our family groups, and so it was difficult, in the beginning, to go to get-togethers and decline the food we were offered. But it’s all a matter of politely standing up for your personal boundaries, and that gets easier with time. Now, being vegan feels like a blessing. I eat so many delicious, healthy foods. And, of course, the lifestyle choice satisfies not only my body, but my spirit. I would do everything in my power to fight against factory farming.

You commented that you “kill zombies for the rush, but eat their brains for the irony.” Are zombie brains a Vegan-friendly dish?

Little known fact: zombification is actually caused by monster plant cells with mutated chlorophyll. People tend to blame zombie epidemics on monkeys or God, but they’re usually spawned by rotten fruit.  And, once a life form becomes a zombie, they’re technically considered plants. Still, I wouldn’t eat a zombie that was raised in a factory farm.  I only eat free range.

What is your favorite: author, movie, comic book, band, and brand of shoe?

I have so many favorites, so I’ll list one of my top favorites in each category.

Author: Arundhati Roy

Movie: The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Comic Book: The Sandman

Band: The Flaming Lips

Brand of Shoe: I usually go around barefoot, but I do like the sandals made by the Tarahumara.

You and your wife recently started a pet-sitting business. How are things going with it, and are there any pets you are unwilling to sit?

We just started advertising, and we’re getting calls already. So things seem to be going well. We’re willing to sit any pets, from pygmy dragons to Chupacabra.

Do you prefer to stay in a hotel or go camping?

I love camping with a passion. I love communing with nature. I love singing with the tree spirits.

What is your most unusual inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from the weird figurines and statues and toys in my office. One of my weirdest is a mason jar with Santa trapped inside. Santa’s not wearing any pants, and I don’t know why. He still won’t tell me.

What do you have going on that you’d like everyone reading this to know?

My newest novel, Cursed, is coming out this month, and it’s my best work yet.


And here’s an awesome anthology that I’m lucky enough to be a part of.  My story inHarland County Horror is called Kingdom Come.

Harlan County Horrors:

I’m also working on a new novel called Bridge, a story collection called Fungus of the Heart, and a short film that might be called Fairy. Oh, and a comic series. And if you’d like to read my newest short stories, feel free to sign up for my subscription service, Bizarro Bytes.

I’m also working on a machine that will transform apples into yard gnome hats, but so far I’ve only managed to transform the apples into apple sauce. I think I’m getting closer.


2 Responses to “Jeremy C. Shipp Interview”

  1. I have to say, Jeremy C. Shipp is perhaps one of the most interesting people I have ever heard of. Not only is he a big fan of the yard gnomes, but his mind is an incredibly bizarre and unique place. That is a good thing, because no matter what I read of his, I know before I start combing the words it’s going to be a wild ride unlike any I’ve ever been on before. We subscribed to Bizarro Bytes last summer and every single story has been absolutely riveting.

    Excellent interview, Chris!

  2. Great interview, all the right questions and Jeremy, well what to say, he’s Jeremy. BTW Look for his new story “Sin Earth” coming to the ShadowCast Audio Anthology podcast on 12/4/09

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